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Wiselyn Photography | Bryant Newman is an 3-time international award-winning wedding photographer and international fashion photographer based out of the United States.

The last two days photographing Rozina and Fayyaz’s wedding ceremony’s have been incredible, but nothing compares to the wedding day.  The wedding day celebration consist of several tradional indian ceremonal events that go on throughout the day and last way into the night  [Part 1 of 2 ].  Enjoy the preview!

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The second day of wedding celebration for Rozina and Fayyaz starts out with the grand entrence of the bride for her Manjha ceremony.  Rozina’s beautiful procession into the building was amazing to witness and photograph.  The bride was blessed by showers of rose petals and gifts from family & friends.  The second half of the evening was the Pithia ceremony, which was started off by the grand procession of Fayyaz (groom) entering the building.  Each ceremony ended with the breaking of a “sapatia” (small clay pot containing lentils, silver, sugar, and turmeric) to symbolize bounty of nature, material wealth, sweetness & harmony, and good health.


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We had just completed day two of a 4-day Indian Wedding Celebration in Miramar when the bride introduced us to her best friends, Rozina & Fayyaz, who just so happens were looking for a wedding photographer for their wedding.  What better way to audition for a future client than a live wedding over the next three days.  Throughout those few days we couldn’t help but notice how in love these two were and how lucky we would be to have an amazing couple to work with.  The rest of this story is history.  As we just photographed Rozina’s amazing Mehndi (Henna Party) and we are so looking forward to the next three days!


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