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Great Smokey Mountains National Park

One of the things we truly enjoy about moving back to East Tennessee almost two years ago  is being so close to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.  In just over an hour were entering the historic Cades Cove’s 11 mile loop which includes log cabin homesteads, church’s, hiking trails (Gregory Bald and Abrams Falls), beautiful mountains and all kinds of wild life running around.



Just about ready to put my camera away when my 17 month old puts her head down and goes into high gear after a baby deer-:)

I took a long needed break today to check out the first big snow on Mt. LeConte, which is located in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Eastern Tennessee.  It was an incredible 10 mile round-trip hike via Alum Cave trail.


Mt. LeConte Lodge is about 6,360 ft elevation with the LeConte Peak is 6,593.

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Mt. LeConte located in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park has always been my favorite point to hike to for the past thirty (30) plus years.  So when my daughter who was born a natural runner starting taking up hiking with me at the age of four (4).  I knew our short term goal would be for her to top Mt. LeConte [third highest peak in the area at 6,593 ft] without assistance.  The only hard part about getting someone her age to do… keep her from trying to skip her way to the top.  I failed.


 Madilyn completes round-trip via Alum Cave to Mount LeConte under 5 hours!

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